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It’s Not Just Stone & Brick

2013-10-10 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Whether it’s cleaning and repairing a limestone facade, matching a weathered brick veneer or replacing a terra cotta roof parapet, restoring masonry on a historically significant building is a complicated craft. “It’s not just rocks and bricks,” says Julia Manglitz, AIA, project architect with Treanor Architects Historic Preservation studio. “There are many things to consider, from the fabrication of the stone to installation to construction administration.”

With the right planning, team, and approach, your historic masonry can be restored to its original grandeur. Here’s what you need to consider: read more

Kansas Statehouse Historic Construction, Date UnknownKansas Statehouse Historic Construction, Date Unknown

LEEPs & Bounds

2013-10-08 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds
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New Spaces for a New Pharmacy Program

2013-08-23 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds


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Photo courtesy of Bob Booth, Star-TelegramPhoto courtesy of Bob Booth, Star-Telegram

Success! 2013 Science Facility Symposium.

2013-07-26 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds

Grain science facility like no other in our hemisphere

2013-07-10 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds

We like our symposium

2013-06-18 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds
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KPA Recognizes Building 427 Rehabilitation with Award

2013-05-24 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Community by Design | Creating a Place to Belong

2013-05-07 Posted By: Emily Bengoa

When designing campus residences, it's easy to get caught up in location, room design and amenities. Yet just as important is the wealth of research that shows us how buildings can help students develop the sense of connection and community identity they need to thrive.

Engaging students on campus has much to do with programmatic decisions, but a physical environment that is designed to help students connect advances the sense of community and makes programming more effective. (click the pdf above for the entire article)

Community Dining at the University of Missouri Beta house. Sharing meals plays an essential role in increasing interaction and learning opportunities.Community Dining at the University of Missouri Beta house. Sharing meals plays an essential role in increasing interaction and learning opportunities.

New Engineering Buildings-Final Designs unveiled

2013-05-03 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds
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Preservation: Going it alone?

2013-04-09 Posted By: Patty Weaver

For fans of cable television, it might not seem so hard to rehabilitate a historic building. Watching HGTV and shows such as This Old House empower and educate building owners—and sometimes skim over the realities of older buildings. read more