Delta Delta Delta (USC)

University of South Carolina

Efficient Planning

Retained for all phases of this project, Treanor Architects, P.A. developed fundraising materials, design illustrations and presentations, fixture furnishings and equipment guidelines and project construction documents. A new house, for a relatively new Chapter, this was an especially challenging project with respect to the performance of the building. The financing, debt to equity ratio and revenue potential for the building, were all very influential in establishing the scope, the live-in to dine-in ratio and the life cycle efficiency of the building systems. Treanor Architects developed a detailed pro-forma analysis to coordinate financial projections and planning and to verify the services proposed versus the construction cost. The design was evaluated with respect to scope, quality, cost, performance and schedule throughout the project to insure that none of the carefully established goals, programs or budgets was compromised. We also led the interview and negotiation for the general contractor and worked closely with the client in the selection of a furnishing supplier. The new building includes 36 live-in residents and dining facilities suitable for 80 diners per meal. Careful planning with respect to amenities versus necessity resulted in a very compact and efficient plan which accommodates all of the programmatic goals.