Johnson County Olathe Adult Detention Center

Olathe, Kansas

Remodel & Building Envelope Improvements

In 2009 Johnson County, Kan., retained Treanor Architects to provide complete design, documentation and construction administration services for an addition and modifications to the Olathe Adult Detention Center in downtown Olathe. The original OADC opened in 1988 as the county’s primary detention facility. County growth and construction of new facilities allowed the county the opportunity to re­design this facility for use as a primary in­take and classification center for the de­ten­tion system. The project comprised de­sign and construction of additions to and major renovations of portions of the existing OADC. Mechan­ical modifications and building envelope upgrades including removal and replacement of the existing building’s masonry skin were done to improve energy efficiency and overall performance of the building envelope. The new facility is attached to the adjacent courthouse through an existing secure underground tunnel. Inmates who were housed at the OADC were relocated to the New Century Phase II building for the duration of design and construction. The New Century center was completed by Treanor in fall 2009. The OADC project was funded through the successful passage of a countywide sales tax.