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Building 52 Clock Tower

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Study and Repair

Treanor Architects was contracted to complete a study of Building 52’s (Grant Hall) 86-foot-tall Central Tower after large pieces of masonry fell from it in the Spring of 2008.

The study documented the conditions of the 1907 clock tower and identified the causes of its deterioration. Working with a structural engineer, Treanor developed both short-term stabilization methods and long-term repair recommendations for the tower. Short-term repairs stabilized the tower with the installation of external metal braces bolted through the structure. In 2010, restoration of the historic tower commenced with replacement the exterior bricks and mortar, in a sequence designed to limit risk of compromising the structure.  The project also included removal of cement and paint coatings from limestone, repair and replacement of limestone elements, replacement and repair of copper ornament and replacement of the copper dome including the wood structure.