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Dillon House

Topeka, Kansas

Historic Structure Report & Rehabilitation

Constructed in 1913, the Dillon House was designed in a grand style intended for entertaining. Hiram and Susie Dillon, the original owners of the property, were true patrons of the arts and the design of their house demonstrated as much with two libraries and large rooms and porches for recitals and entertaining.

The Dillon House has only had four owners since the Dillon’s. Beyond serving as a luxurious residence, the building has provided facilities for an insurance office and religious education space for a church. In 1998, the State of Kansas acquired the house and used it occasionally for special Legislative events. The current owner, Pioneer Group, purchased the building from the State of Kansas and rehabilitated it for office and event space.

While the house was still under State ownership, Treanor Architects developed a historic structure report detailing the Italian Renaissance-style structure’s history, existing conditions and repair requirements as well as recommendations for the facility’s future use. The HSR documented the short-term stabilization and maintenance needs to limit future deterioration of the facility. Permanent rehabilitation recommendations were also provided.

Pioneer Group worked with Treanor to design the historic building’s rehabilitation. Completed in December 2014, the rehabilitation:

  • Restored significant spaces on the first and second floors such as the vestibule, library, reception hall, main stair and stair hall
  • Rehabilitated the second and third floor bedrooms for office space
  • Restored two missing historic skylights on the third floor to provide daylight to the area
  • Rehabilitated a previous non-historic addition to resemble the historic two-story pergola
  • Restored flat and decorative plaster walls and ceilings, historic light fixtures, fireplaces, decorative woodwork and hardwood floors
  • Restored and repaired exterior masonry and clay tile roof
  • Restored historic windows or replaced missing windows with compatible recreations
  • Upgraded and integrated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire detection/suppression systems throughout the house
  • Constructed two accessible entrances and installed a new elevator to provide access to all floors
  • Constructed catering kitchen to support event spaces