The Great Overland Station

Topeka, Kansas

Passenger Station in North Topeka

Union Pacific's beautiful passenger station in North Topeka, on the State Register of Historic Places, is possibly the finest representation of railroad heritage in Kansas. The station was opened to the public on January 27, 1927. In 1992 a fire damaged the west-central wing and the roof over the main waiting room. Topeka Railroad Days, Inc. purchased the building from Union Pacific Railroad to prevent its demolition. As part of the project, the Topeka Railroad Days organization evolved into Railroad Heritage, Inc. which operates the facility as a museum, educational, and activity center. Phase I involved the interior renovation of the West wing, the reconstruction of the fire guttedĀ West Central wing, and the restoration of the exterior of the entire building. Interior work includes creating multipurpose exhibit space in the West wing, offices on the second floor of the West Central wing and service area on the first floor of the West Central wing. Phase II was for the interior renovation of the Main Central waiting room, first and second floors of the East Central wing, and East wing. Interior work included restoring the main central waiting room with its 30 foot high coffered ceilings.