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Missouri State Capitol Stone Repair & Renovation

Missouri State Capitol

Rehabilitation of Historic Capitol Exterior

The State of Missouri initiated an exterior rehabilitation of the Missouri State Capitol in July 2015.

Built in 1917, the capitol exterior is constructed primarily of limestone, quarried in Carthage, Missouri and often called Carthage marble, with some brick, stucco and concrete surfaces. While the marble is dense, nearly 100 years of time and weathering have eroded and damaged the building. The goal of the project is to correct conditions contributing to deterioration and repair damage that affect visitor and occupant safety and building envelope performance.

Treanor will lead the design team as the architect of record in completing both a visual and detailed inventory of exterior elements including stone facades, foundations, dome and drum, terraces, steps, railings, retaining walls, and concrete and steel substructures. Waterproofing systems, storm drainage, exterior electrical and lighting will also be evaluated.

Following a complete evaluation of the existing conditions, methodologies and designs will be developed to:

  • Repair and clean limestone, brick, stucco and concrete
  • Replace deteriorated mortar and sealant
  • Replace electrical elements such as exterior lighting
  • Repair plazas, terraces and drainage systems