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Riverfront Community Center Exterior Masonry Restoration

Riverfront Community Center

Exterior Restoration of Leavenworth Union Depot

The City of Leavenworth renovated and added to the historic Leavenworth Union Depot in 1985 to adaptaively reuse the building for the Riverfront Community Center. In 2011, the City contracted Treanor Architects to complete the exterior restoration of the 1888 Romanesque Revival building. Treanor evaluated the historic brick and sandstone façade, and documented the condition of each stone.

Construction documents were produced to illustrate and detail the necessary repair methods for bidding. A series of prioritized alternates was developed as part of the bid documents to maximize the utilization of funds available for the project. Prioritization was based on condition of the masonry, potential life safety threat and water infiltration. Construction is currently underway and Treanor is providing on-site construction observation services.

This exterior restoration is a Transportation Enhancement Project.