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Phase VI: Statehouse Copper Dome & Roof Replacement

Kansas Statehouse Preservation & Restoration

Replacing the State Capitol's Historic Roof & Dome Copper

The Kansas Statehouse copper dome and copper roof replacement project was the last component to be added to the project. It commenced with an initial condition assessment of the existing copper and the copper patina. This was followed by a detailed study of the system as a whole which included its detailing as well as the underlying substrate. Archival documents were utilized during the assessment to ascertain the accuracy of the information contained in historic drawings as well as to understand the manner in which the dome and roof were constructed.

The existing roof drainage systems and roof envelope were also analyzed as part of the design work. The copper dome and copper roof replacement endeavors to recreate the overall historic character of the sheet copper work, while addressing the deficiencies in the original design and detailing that contributed to the failures necessitating the replacement.

The dome replacement included repairing the dome’s wood and plaster substrates, redesigned drain layout, and complete replacement of copper cladding, including formed ornamental copper and oriel windows. The scope of work also addressed lightning protection, FAA lighting requirements, and added heat tracing for the gutters.

The main roof consists of four wings with gabled pediments and hipped ends with batten-seam, standing-seam and flat-seam metal roofing styles. The East Wing roof, originally constructed between 1866 and 1869, and West Wing roof, originally constructed between 1879 and 1881, was replaced with new batten-seam roofing over the repaired original tongue-and-groove wood decking. The North and South Wing roofs, originally constructed between 1885 and 1896, were replaced with new standing-seam roofing over the repaired original substrate. The gutters received new stainless steel frames and thru-wall flashing. The project also included new lighting supports, heat trace, snow guards, roof drains and lightning protection.

The goal of this project was to provide a replacement copper dome and copper roof that will provide the longevity of the original roofing system. Both the dome and roof were completed December 2013.