School of Engineering Expansion

University of Kansas

New spaces for engineering instruction and research.

The existing School of Engineering complex at the University of Kansas houses 350,000 gross square feet of research, instructional and support spaces. The school’s undergraduate enrollment is expected to grow by 60 percent as established in the school’s Building on Excellence Initiative. To accommodate this growth in student enrollment and 30 new faculty members, the School of Engineering must add 60 percent to the school’s footprint.

This Learned Hall Engineering Expansion Phase 2 project adds 135,000 gross square feet of instructional spaces, academic program support and tutoring areas, student fabrication, student project spaces, project development, and core and research laboratories to the existing complex on the main campus, as well as a high bay structure on the West Campus.

The instructional facilities and the new learning environments will support new teaching methods, and accommodate the inevitable changes in pedagogies and learning styles. The collaborative laboratories and academic support spaces are designed to create a bridge between instruction, peer support and overall student development.

The student project fabrication spaces have flexible infrastructure systems to allow design and fabrication of multiple types of projects. The project development/research laboratories will include core laboratory spaces designed to provide analytical services for both School of Engineering research programs as well as research efforts across the KU campus.

Designed to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 baseline energy efficiency standards by a minimum of 30%.  

Watch this video from the groundbreaking ceremony: