South Housing Complex

Sam Houston State University - Huntsville, Texas

New housing complex

The new South Campus Housing project will serve as a gateway to campus with a showplace design that reflects the mission of the university and residence life. The complex will provide high quality, affordable housing for 696 students while developing a strong sense of community, encouraging human connections and enhancing the student experience at Sam Houston State University. This safe, highly active environment will support diversity and promote student growth in an engaging living learning setting. The design will be functional, flexible and energy efficient.

As the residential hub in the southern district, the South Housing Complex will provide amenities for all students in the district. The community learning center, along with the faculty-in-residence office and apartment will energize the campus in ways not currently experienced at Sam Houston. The academic support, complex lounge and study spaces will be porous, breaking the boundary between interior and exterior spaces leading to the courtyard.

The dramatic elevation changes on the site will create a multi-level interactive courtyard space which will support and enhance academic and social interaction among students in the complex and district. The courtyard opens to the northwest to invite a visual and physical connection to a future dining facility.

Connection to the housing on the upper floors via stairs and elevators will allow students easy and convenient access to their rooms and community support spaces.